In Christ's Name, Grace and Peace to you!

John's Gospel tells us of an invitation from Jesus to Andrew, a future disciple. Jesus simply invites Andrew to "come and see" (John 1:39). Andrew accepted the Lord's invitation and then invited his brother, Peter, to join him in following Jesus. I want to extend that same simple invitation to you ...

Come and see! Come and see us in worship as we gather to hear God's Word and be fed with the Meal of Grace. We offer an informal style of worship on Saturday evenings at 5:00
. Our 8:30 Sunday morning service is a more traditional Lutheran style of worship. A more casual Praise Worship is offered at 11:00 (Summer Schedule 10:30).

Come and see how we love children! From our highly regarded Christian Pre-School, to our Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and youth ministries, we want to help parents raise their children in the faith!

Come and see how we serve others! Zion reaches out to the Dayton area with a variety of ministries - food pantry, Stephen Ministers, Habitat for Humanity, and work service projects - to name just a few.

THANK YOU for visiting Zion's website! Now I want to extend the invitation to you to come and see us at Zion! We would love to welcome you to our worship or any of our ministries. Please join us as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ!

______________________________- Pastor John Mittermaier

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Last Updated March 23, 2008